Dynamic: That’s What it’s All About/Lost Pet/Killing Pokey (Blade and Soul)

There are only a few quirks when it comes to killing Pokey.

  1. Make sure to kill all of the eggs before the hatch
  2. If they do hatch make it your first priority to kill all the spawned scorpions (they do more damage than Pokey himself)
  3. If you’re confident about it you can counter all of Pokey’s attacks including the heavy attacks.  Doing so will stagger him and allow for a few more hits. (Counter+Iron Shoulder)

Playing as a Kung-Fu Master, it might be best to save the knockdown/mobbing attacks namely, Comet Strike and Rising Dragon, for the scorpion spawns as they don’t have much health.  For Comet Strike it’d be good if one could lure the minions into Pokey before unleashing the attack.

Here is a video of my character killing it.

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