Ch 1.8 (HP2)

1.8 Measuring, Reporting, and Summarizing Performance

  • Wall-clock time, response time, elapsed time: Latency to complete a task including disk accesses, memory accesses, I/O, OS overhead and more
  • CPU Time: Time the processor is computing
    • The time a processor is computing is the time the CPU is used for all various programs running and not just one
    • Therefore response time seen by the user is not CPU time where response time only accounts for one specific program
  • Benchmarks
    • Should evaluate true performance on real life usage rather than synthetic benchmarks
      • Do not use kernels, toy programs, synthetic benchmarks
    • Often benchmark suites are used so that things like different implementations will not take into account the things that one can optimize to gain performance
  • Reporting Performance Results
    • Guiding principle for performance measurements should be reproducibility
  • Summarizing Performance Results

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